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At Last, Self-Publishing Made Simple!

Always Wanted To Get Your Book Self-Published?

If you're an aspiring or existing self published author, you may already know how challenging it can be to get your first book produced and making sales.

Writing your manuscript is just the start of your self-publishing journey, there are many hurdles to overcome before you get to hold your book in your own hands and make it available for readers to buy.

For starters, do you write fiction or non-fiction, and which is easier to sell?

Once you've written your book, you need to get it edited and proof read ... then there's the formatting to sort out, the cover to design and the listings to create.

There are many file formats to understand and master ... epub, mobi, pdf, doc, docx and more - some are used for writing, others are used for publishing - but which is which?

You have to decide where to list your book - will it be Kindle only, or are you going to miss out on valuable sales if you ignore Kobo, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Google Play and the many other outlets you might not have even heard of?

Will you be digital only, should you create a paperback and hardback version, where will you get that done and how you you obtain the ISBN numbers that you'll need?

There's so much to learn when you start to take your publishing career into your own hands, but it can all be a bit overwhelming when you just want to get your first book 'out there' and making some sales!

Self-Publishing Can Be Fast And Profitable, But It's Important To Avoid The Pitfalls Along The Way!

I don't want to put you off self-publishing ...

In fact, I want to help you get your book published as soon as possible!

Although self-publishing is easy, empowering and often a much more lucrative option for authors, it also requires a lot of new learning.

As you can see, we've barely touched the surface and the list of things that have to be considered before we even get a book released can be extremely daunting.

It's really not difficult to self-publish your book, but there is a lot to take on board and the sources of information can be scattered and variable.

And that's the biggest problem for the new or aspiring indie author ... the information is out there. some of it is good, some of it is bad, but it's a devil of a job to find WHAT you want, WHEN you want it and to know that it's GOOD ADVICE.

You wouldn't expect to jump into a car without looking at the manual, and it's the same with self-publishing, taking a bit of time to learn the ropes from an experienced driver will prevent you from careering off the road and having a prang!

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All The Self-Publishing Information That You Need - In One Place!

I am now the self-published author of thirteen books.

Some of those publications are fiction, the others are on non-fiction topics.

All of those books are available on Amazon Kindle, every fiction title was published via Createspace.

Some of them are also listed on iTunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and several other less well known outlets.

I have also published my fiction with Ingram Spark so that my stories can be easily accessed by bookshops, libraries and distributors.

My own self-publishing journey has involved A LOT of headaches, problems, roadblocks, technical issues and learning!

I've consumed countless books, audios and podcasts, I've read blogs, attended webinars and travelled to live events.

I wish I'd had a single, reliable guide to take me through each stage of my self-publishing business, step-by-step without all the research, trial and error and misinformation that I encountered along the way!

It's really not difficult to self-publish your book, but there is a lot to take on board and the sources of information can be scattered and variable.

That's why I decided to put together The Self-Publishing Academy ...

I want to make self-publishing your book really easy

I wanted to gather all of the information that a new author needs to know to get books listed on Amazon Kindle devices and the other key outlets, without all the scratching around and research that I had to do when I was self-publishing my own books.

Also, because I've self-published both fiction and non-fiction books, I'm keen to share what I've learned about the differences between the two ... and believe me, one is much easier to sell than the other!

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The answer is, you can probably CAN figure it out all on your own ... after all, I did!

But while I was learning, I was wasting PRECIOUS and VALUABLE time when I could have been writing more books!

Everybody Will Tell You, The Secret To Self-Publishing Success Is To Write More Books

You can't be writing more books when you're trying to figure out how to produce a paperback of your book, but you want to make sure it will be stocked in your local book store!

You can't be writing more books when you're scratching your head trying to work out the difference between a mobi file and an epub file!

You can't be writing more books when you're using some dodgy software to create terrible book covers because you haven't learned yet how to get eye-catching art work by professional designers without breaking the bank!

I've put everything that I have learned about self-publishing my own books into this training program.

Most of the training is delivered by short, step-by-step videos ... either work through the lot, like your own online university, or dip in and out, as you need to.

I've kept the videos short, sharp and focussed, there's no fluff or waffle in there, just everything that you need to know about each of the topics.

If I have left anything out, or if there's something else you need to know, drop me an email and I'll be delighted to add it to the training!

Here's a detailed breakdown of the content inside The Self-Publishing Academy ...

I really wish that I'd had a one-stop, comprehensive and practical resource like The Self-Publishing Academy when I first started writing, publishing and selling my own books.

It would have saved me a lot of time and trouble, as well as numerous headaches, dead ends and frustrations.

I hope that you'll take this unique training program out for a spin with absolutely no risk on your part and see for yourself how easy, rewarding and fast self-publishing can be.

'The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.' Dr Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!

To your self-publishing success!

P.S. Remember, you have nothing to lose here! You can take Self-Publishing Academy out for a test drive for 60 days and ask for your money back if at any time you don't believe that it will seriously accelerate your self-publishing success. That's a no-quibble, 100% money back, risk-free guarantee!

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Sorry, this course is no longer available! You may find this book useful instead

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Paul Teague
Paul Teague

Hi, I'm Paul Teague the self published author thriller/crime novels, sci-fi/dystopian stories and non-fiction books.

I host the Self-Publishing Journeys podcast and also write occasional blog posts.

I'm a former broadcaster with the BBC and I also trained and worked as a teacher in the UK.

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